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Comedian Breaks Leg After being told to "break a leg" by a fan

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Breaking news: Up-and-coming comedian Leggard Leggenson broke his leg before his latest performance late Thursday evening, after being told by a fan to "break a leg." However, he proved to be the real last comic standing and went through the show, as scheduled.

"This was definitely my big break. I am always trying to get a leg up on the competition. Do I regret my decision? No, it's definitely not worth getting broken up over." Leggenson screamed into the microphone way too aggressively.

Leggenson took a break three minutes into his performance to subtweet his rival comedian Armon Armenson on Twitter.

"Yet another show that I was cast for that Armenson could never flourish in," Leggensonson tweeted. "I am always trying to get a leg up on my competition, and today is no different."

Multiple supporters commented and sent Leggenson their best wishes, including @NotLeggardLeggenson.

"Leggenson just continues to wow us with iconic performance after performance and moving towards the next leg of his career. Tibia honest he's the best in the game today." @NotLeggardLeggenson tweeted in support.

IHOP formerly known as IHOb, also tweeted their best wishes for Leggenson during this very leg-pressing time.

"We stand by our one-legged king @ItsLeggardLeggensonBitch during the recovery process. Hop on over to enjoy a pancake for half price on us." IHOP tweeted.

Before the performance ended, Leggenson made a shocking announcement to his audience of fans that was standing room only.

"I will be creating a brand new social media platform called OnlyLeg. You can all see my leg up close and personal. For a limited time you can subscribe for half off. I always hook up my fans." Leggenson again screamed into the mic way too aggressively.

While it is too soon to tell how these developments will affect Leggenson's career direction, there is one thing for certain: he will never be stumped. Below is a picture of the sold out audience of some of the most electric fans around.

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