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Disney Ducks Unionize; Attempt To Take Over Disneyland

In perhaps the golden standard of big duck energy, the ducks of Disneyland have decided they will not be subject to foul play and corporate greed any longer. At the quack of dawn, the ducks awoke with a mission, more electrifying than the Main Street Electrical Parade itself.

Led by Screwy, Pooey, and Ratatouille, (or something like that) the beloved birds were able to duck out of trouble and perhaps create a bea(k)on of hope for the species. They would unionize.

"I told management that they needed to shut the duck up and cater to our demands," Screwy quacked.

In the initial collective bargaining meeting, there were more disagreements than resolutions. To the ducks' credit, Ratatouille went bill to bill with Disney CEO, Bob Chapek.

"My bill is bigger than yours," Ratatouille quacked.

"Shut the duck up," Chapek countered, as he laughed at his own joke.

"I've already used that line, you must be on quack," Screwy interjected. The 127-member-ensemble of ducks quackled at Chapek.

Donald Duck was not available for comment. What a freaking duck move.

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