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Dogecoin sued by the dog who inspired it

In a shocking turn of events, Kabosu (14), the dog who is the face of Dogecoin, has decided to take matters into her own paws and sue the entire human population for the rights to every single Dogecoin. Dogecoin is currently worth an estimated seven billion dollars.

Sources say that after watching the Academy Award-winning film, Bee Movie, Kabosu (pictured above) knew that she had to do what was right for dogs everywhere and organize a pack-action lawsuit against all Dogecoin owners.

In perhaps's most fetching interview, Kabosu was pissed the h*ck off.


This speech will go down in the history books, as the most un-fur-gettable of our generation. Kabosu serves as an inspiration for all doggos and puppers to never roll over, when under pawssure. Due to this website's influence on the world, it is anticipated that Dogecoin will crash after this article is published. Please don't hound the comment section. I don't report the news; I just make it up.

Disclaimer: Bee Movie did not win an Academy Award.

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