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Greg Popovich convinces basketball team that they are 1980 'Miracle on Ice' Hockey Team

Team USA Basketball Coaching legend, Gregory Charles Popovich has gone to extreme lengths to cement himself, as one of the best basketball coaches in NBA history. However, his new tactic might be just fucking bonkers. He has convinced himself and possibly his team that they are the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" hockey team.

"I told the team that in order for us to win the olympics, we need to tap into our underdog mentality. Nobody expects anything of us. We are going to shock the world," Popovich said with confidence, or sweat, dripping from his iconic grey beard.

According to CBS Sports, Team USA is -300 to bring home the Olympic Gold Medal. This means that you would need to risk $300 to win $100. They are by far the biggest favorite to win the Olympics. This hasn't stopped them from dropping the first game of the Olympics to France, 89-79.

"Before the game, Coach Pop had this crazy look in his eyes, and told us to lace up our skates. I didn't even own skates. I had to make my own," Kevin Durant said as he pointed at skates that were definitely not skates, but literal bricks.

"It's all part of Pop's plan. I trust in the process. I was a little confused when he made the team learn Russian. К черту советы." Damian Lillard said with a smirk.

Vladimir Putin is currently outside my house threatening to arrest me, after he learned that I used Google translate. "К черту советы" translates to "Fuck the Soviets."

The article must go on. In the 1980 Olympics in Russia, the United States upset the Soviets and went onto win the Gold Medal. You're welcome for the fucking history lesson.

In order for the United States to win the gold, they need to shake the underdog mentality, and just let their team of all stars play to the best of their abilities. After not reaching out to Popovich for a follow up interview, Popovich, nor, did not participate in the follow up interview.

Reporting live from the Moscow Penitentiary

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