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Lights Out: A Rainked Exclusive

In this exclusive Rainked article, I became the first person in the history of the universe to interview a lamp. Let's just say the interview was not (candle) lit. It was lights out my least favorite interview, I've ever conducted.

Me: "Watts it like being a lamp?"

Lamp: *Silence*

Me: "I see. Would you say that you are a light in the lives of others?"

Lamp: *Silence*

Me: "Okay, everyone is dying to know, what turns you on?"

Lamp: *Silence*

Me: "Interesting. I bet your favorite movie is Silence of the Lamps, huh?"

Lamp: "Shut the hell up. This is interview is such bullshit. Damn, how can a blog be so shitty?

Me: *Pulls the plug on the interview*

Lamp: *Silence*

Disclaimer: This interview is fake.

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