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Man Finds Old Danimals Yogurt Pack, Wins Trip to Meet Zack and Cody

In a year of uncertainty, a man's Christmas just got a little better. After cleaning out his pantry, Noah Lotte, 25, found an unopened pack of Danimals yogurt crush cups. Lotte thought nothing of it, until he opened the yogurt and learned that he was the grand prize winner to meet Suite Life of Zack and Cody stars, Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

In an emotional interview, with yogurt dripping down his face, Lotte said, "My first thought was 'Yogurta be kidding me.' Jokes, aside, this year has hit everyone tough. I'm just so excited to meet Dylan and Cole. I hope they let me call them Zack and Cody. You hear about people winning the lottery, and you don't think that it will ever happen to you. Dreams really do come true."

Lotte hopes that his story will (soft) serve as an inspiration to others, during these difficult times. It is still unclear if Danimals, or either Sprouse twin, will honor Lotte's sweepstakes win. He said that he plans on using his $600 relief payment on a lawyer, if necessary. Stay tuned.

Disclaimer: The information above may be disputed.

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