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Man loses prized sunglasses; finds them on top of his head

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

After a long search for his beloved $7.99 off-brand sunglasses, Sonny Glass can finally rest his eyes easily. His sunglasses were staring at him the entire time, right on top of his head.

Three weeks ago, Glass created quite a spectacle in rural Idaho, as he demanded answers to his missing sunglasses' whereabouts.

"I was pissed off. I was hurt. It was hard to see the bright side of things, but I kept my eyes on the mission," he said with a wink.

In order to locate the finest piece of optometrical equipment that Amazon had for under $7.99 and offered next day delivery, Glass sought out a search party of the most elite investigators that rural Idaho had to offer. However, he soon saw that the investigators were not who they appeared to be.

“They were not investigators. They were actually armed robbers," Glass said, with a wink, as he rolled up his left sleeve to reveal a nub where his left arm had once been.

Directly after the incident, Glass thought he stumbled away empty handed. However, during the chaotic moment his sunglasses dropped to the ground from the top of his head.

"It was a miracle. The only thing that would have made the moment more special was if I had still had my left arm," Glass said. This time he did not wink.

Glass hopes that that his story will serve, as an inspiration to others. To give a helping hand, please share this article with the poster flyer below.

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