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Nascar's most diehard fan notices he can't turn right anymore.


Rainked is back with an article from the legendary writer, Zac L. Zac has come out of retirement to contribute to the legacy of #RAINKEDDOTCOM. Because of his #GOAT status, his identity needs to be protected at all costs. ENJOY THE ARTICLE. YOU ARE WITNESSING HISTORY UNFOLD RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES.

Robert Dale is the biggest Nascar fan you'll ever meet. He watches every race, he travels to Florida every year for the Daytona 500, and he even painted the #24 on the side of his rusty 1988 Ford Ranger as a tribute to his all time favorite driver Jeff Gordon.

The 37 year old fan has been an avid watcher of the sport, ever since he was able to drive go karts. However, as of recent he has had one major problem that has seriously impacted his life. Robert has noticed he can can only turn his truck to the left when he is on the road.

After watching the last race, he noticed this change coming on slowly. In an emotional, exclusive interview Dale said, "At first I noticed that my car was leaning on the left side of the road more often than not, and I thought at first it was an alignment problem with my tires. But as time went on it was slowly starting today take over my life. The other day I tried to drive to work but I noticed after taking 4 left turns in my neighborhood I ended up right back on my own block. Hell, just yesterday I got stuck at a roundabout down the road, and I drove in circles for 10 hours until luckily my truck ran out of gas."

Robert stated he notices that no matter what he does in his life it's to his left. When he drives his truck, he only turns left. When he walks down the sidewalk, he's on the left side of the street. He likes to play Xbox, but now the only game he plays is Left for Dead.

"I've been seeing a sports psychologist lately and she's been treating me with some experimental therapy. She said what I needed wasn't any kind of medication but a new motorsport to watch, so she gave me a subscription to formula 1 tv," which is Formula 1's channel of 24/7 coverage of F1 racing. According to Robert, his psychologist suggested F1 because of their driver's ability to not only turn left, but also to the right; an ability Nascar drivers, and now their most diehard fan lack.

According to Robert he refused his F1 therapy at first because he "refused to support anything European," but he recently said that may change due to his last car accident where his car suddenly drifted left onto oncoming traffic. Luckily everyone involved was uninjured except for Robert's pride, and now he is court ordered to watch formula 1 instead of Nascar.

"I guess I have no other choice but to give it a shot. But I swear if one of the driver's main sponsor is Perrier water I'm going just turn myself into jail," Robert said as he spit his Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco into an empty Budweiser can. "This better work though. I was a die hard republican. but now my political views have even gone far left. I put a Biden bumper stick on my goddamn truck last week."


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