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New Olympic Sport? Let’s make it happen.

With special guest contributor: Garrett H.

The 2020 Olympics, which are taking place in 2021, are in the opening stages. There were 4 new sports added this year, skateboarding, surfing, karate, and sport climbing. The IOC also brought back softball and baseball, which is cool. I am not here to talk about the sports they added. I am here to talk about what sport they need to add. The sport they need to add is Olympic Poker.

Imagine a final day and the gold is on the line. The two finalists are both all-in and the final card flips and that is who determines the gold medal. Talk about electricity. This year, artistic swimming is a sport. What is that? Poker is a global game, and would make some great moments on TV.

If you want to talk about weird Olympic sports, go back to the 1900 Olympics in Paris. In that Olympics they ran trial events, and some of the trial events were super weird. The weirdest event they had was poodle clipping, where the barber who shaved or clipped the most poodles in 2 hours won gold. The guy who won gold clipped 17 poodles in the allotted time frame.

Also, during that Olympics, there was live pigeon shooting. I believe this one is pretty self explanatory on why it wasn't brought back for the 1904 Olympics. Arby’s the end of the event there were 300 dead pigeons.

All I am saying is that let Phil Ivey compete for a gold medal. This allows everyday humans a chance to represent their country and possibly take home a medal.

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